Theology of Jonathan Edwards

To those who know me or have heard me preach, it will come as no surprise that I bought a $55 book that summarizes the theological thought of Jonathan Edwards within weeks of it being published. There simply is no one whose writing has shaped my thoughts about God and about man more than Edwards. Add to that the fact that I have the monthly privilege of sitting around a table with a group of pastors and scholars discussing Edwards’ work, and that one of those pastor-scholars is Gerald McDermott (one of the authors), and there was no way I was not buying this book.

A few chapters into it I realized that it feels much like our discussions feel, as though I’m along for an Edwardsean journey led by a tour guide that genuinely loves the landscape.

I highly recommend dropping the money on this one if you have any interest in learning about America’s greatest Theologian (and probably our greatest Philosopher too…)

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